Keeping a diary

One thing is certainly true: to save money, you must get organised! Managing your money and paying your bills on time is a skill you can learn if you have the right tools. Such as… a good diary that you can take with you everywhere and also lay open flat on the kitchen counter to remind yourself of everything you need to get done each day.
You can also use a diary to help you manage your money and maximise savings. If you put nothing else in your diary, at the very least you should mark in your payday and get into the habit of planning your spending around payday.  What purchases could be put off until after your payday? How much will you have left in your account at the end of the current pay period? Could you drain the account on the day before payday and put the money into your savings, knowing that the account will be replenished the next day?
Planning like this could really help you save more, so get a diary and start marking in your payday today! Using a diary has really helped me to save money, so I’ll definitely have more to say about it in future posts, so come back soon!

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