Bring your own lunch

When I was working full-time, there was a lunch truck that would deliver lunch orders to my work each day, handmade by a lovely couple who ran a shop around the corner. I got into the habit of ordering a lovely salad pack that cost $5 per day. It was great not having to think about lunch, and a wonderful, healthy salad would arrive for me every lunchtime.

But this convenience came at a price. It was costing me $25 dollars a week or $100 dollars a month just for salad! Much better to take a little time and save the money instead. And if you make it yourself, it will be just the way you like it. It’s a wonderful way to use up last night’s leftovers. There are many people all over who lovingly pack a beautifully crafted lunch for their spouse each day for their spouse and children each day, and I am one of them! Look at this inspirational bento blog, and see if you can pack something more appetising than a Vegemite sandwich!

Adventures in Bentomaking: A Bento Lunch Blog by Pikko

And if you want to buy a real Japanese-style lunch box, you can buy them from J-List


One thought on “Bring your own lunch

  1. I often bring the lunch box to eat at school. It is very convenient and cheap. In fact, my lunch box is just simple with bread/rice and meats/fish/shrimp. I admit that my lunch box lacks vegetables, but I need to wake up at 5 am to prepare the lunch box and then take the bus to school. Hence, I do not have time to prepare a nutrient lunch box , just use the night leftovers 😦

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