Create more space

Create more space

In all the years we have been together, my husband and I have lived in a total of four homes. Each time, the process of packing and unpacking all our belongings has helped us downsize the amount of possessions we own. But there were two large chests of drawers that I had always regretted bringing into our living space. In the store they looked great, but in our house were dark, heavy and unnecessary as we now have built-in robes. With each move I had always wished I could just leave them behind, but it seemed wrong to get rid of something we had paid good money for, and was still in good working order. Why? They were taking up valuable space in our small home, and I have since discovered that deep drawers really aren’t the best way to store your clothes. Why do we feel so guilty about passing something on when it has outlived its usefulness?

So after many months of procrastination I did a simple Internet search and found a number for the Salvation Army. A week later, a truck arrived and two guys expertly removed the pieces from the top of our narrow stairs. So easy! If I had known it would be so simple, and that my donation would help a needy family, I would have done this earlier. Now someone out there gets the use of those chests of drawers, and I get to enjoy some newly-created space…

There’s no need to look for a bigger place to live. Think about donating a large item of furniture, and create some more space in your home.


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