New Year’s resolutions for small space dwellers

Living in a small space is an enforced discipline. You can’t have too much clutter when you don’t have anywhere to put it! So I am going to be keeping these things in mind as I start 2013…

1  I will finally clear out our built-in robes and cuboards.

We are lucky because our house has good storage, but for storage to be effective it must be used well, and not as a dumping ground for things that I’d rather have out-of-sight. So I’m finally going to donate the baby clothes, the crockery I don’t use and the cleaning products that never did the job they were supposed to do. And I promise not to use my children’s cupboards to store my own things– are you guilty of that too?!


2  I will not buy any more stuff on eBay!

No more book shelves, telephone tables or cute little stools. I will no longer be tempted by the words “retro funky”. I have a lovely space furnished with things I love, and I’m not willing to sacrifice any of those things in order to have something new.
In fact, I’m planning to sell a few pieces of furniture on eBay myself. I’ve realised that being able to see the skirting boards in our living room is a wonderful thing. Having a few empty spaces here and there is easier on the eye. It’s the “white space” in a room that makes it look comfortable and inviting.

3  I’m going to tidy-up our living room every night before bed.

The living room is a space for the whole family to use. I’ve come to the conclusion that it needs to be kept as clear as possible so that we can all enjoy the space without having to pick up after other family members. If kids know what ‘tidy’ looks like, they are more likely to be able to keep it that way.

4  I’m going to plan a fantastic kitchen renovation.

I’m not going to wait anymore. When you have less space, you can afford to spend more on the best quality fittings and furnishings. And if you are at home a lot, then you need to be comfortable in your space. The kitchen is one of the most functional areas of the home, so it’s important to get it right.

5  I’m going to create a dining nook.

We don’t have a separate dining room, but after a year of experimentation, we have finally settled on the ideal furniture arrangement. Our dining table fits best in a recessed area just off the kitchen, and in order to mark this off as the “dining area” I’m going to hang a collage of frames in the wall above the dining table. But because the house is small, I’ve realised that all the pictures and artwork need to be unified by a common theme or colour scheme. And I’ll take the frames right to the ceiling to make the space feel larger.
So how about you? How are you going to improve your living space in 2013?

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