Is a white floor totally impractical?

When our floating floor was installed, we couldn’t wait to show it off to family and friends.

Look how much bigger our living room looks! Look how modern it is! Look how fresh and clean it looks compared to the dirty old green tiles underneath! Well it needs a mop right now but…
We used to call them the Spinach Tiles, and we were so happy we wouldn’t have to look at them any more. But we were surprised how many people told us that a white floor would show the dirt, and wouldn’t be the best thing for a family with small children. One person even said that she preferred the old tiles instead!

In my opinion, the floor is going to get dirty no matter what colour it is. At least if it’s a pale colour, you can see where the dirt is. With the old floor, our children would drop food on the floor, but we wouldn’t  notice it straight away. Sometimes, I’d be walking around just before bed and would accidentally step on some dried up Weet Bix from the previous morning. But by that time it would almost require a hammer and chisel to remove. If I were ever going to build my own house, I’d make it out of mud bricks and Weet Bix!

So how do you keep a white floor clean? I vacuum it quickly twice a week, and once a week my husband mops it when everyone has gone to bed. Every time I vacuum, handfuls of dust and dirt come out of the canister. I’m always surprised at how much comes out, even if the floor didn’t look that bad at the time. If we had carpet all that dust would be going into the weave, or worse, through to the underlay. If I had lots of money I would buy a hand-held cordless vacuum, so I could quickly clean up the mess as soon as it appears.

Interestingly, mopping once and vacuuming twice a week is exactly the same amount of effort I had to put into keeping the old floor clean. So in my experience, a white floor really is no more work than a dark floor. But the result is much brighter and more spacious, don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “Is a white floor totally impractical?

  1. We had a white floor in our shack and I loved it! Even with lots of kids and animals it was quite easy to keep clean.

  2. In our last house we had white tile downstairs. With kids, 2 dogs and a cat it needed a quick mop daily but no big deal. I much preferred it. Now I have grey mottled kitchen tile where I am never sure it is clean or not… definitely a project there!

    • When we had the green tiles, often I would be getting a drink of water in the middle of the night and I would accidentally step on some dried up cereal that my kids had dropped on the floor. Yuck! I hadn’t noticed it from that morning. Yes, sometimes it’s better when you can see if the floor is dirty!

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