The most useful gift for a newborn: their own domain name

The most useful gift for a newborn

When I decided to start a blog, there were a lot of things I didn’t know. If I had known how difficult it would be, I probably never would have started it!

One of the things I didn’t know was how important domain names can be. But not just for bloggers. For an increasing number of people, having your own website is a must.

So when I asked my brother for blogging advice, he helpfully guided me through the process of purchasing my own domain name. At the bottom of one of his emails he casually added, “by the way, I own the domains for your kids’ names. I bought them when they were born.

I was touched with gratitude that he’d been so thoughtful. As he works in the computer industry, this gesture is something that came naturally to him. But for non-computer people, it’s not something we might think to do when a baby is born.

When our children grow up, having an online presence won’t be an optional extra, it will be mandatory. I have heard that some schools are already encouraging their students to make websites for their assessments.

Once a domain name has been bought by someone, it’s gone forever. You can register a name for about $20 a year. You don’t need to have a website already built to do so. Just register the name to take it off the market until your child is ready to use it. And if you are able to, register the format:

not .net or .org. It’s much easier for people to remember.

It’s a big world out there, and we want our children to shine like the brightest stars in the sky. An online presence is one such way for them to shine. So invest in your children’s futures, and register their domain names today.


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