Challenge: make time in your day for a break

Zoe at Home tea setWe’re women: we multitask. We do a bit each day, we’re efficient and we take care of the little things (and the big things). The clothes get washed and put away, dinner gets prepared on time and we pick out our outfit the night before. And did I mention that we clean up as we go?!

This is partly what makes you thoughtful person, that you remember the little things and you try to make the environment a nicer place for everyone to be in.

It can all get a bit exhausting, but sometimes I worry that if I stop I won’t have the energy to get started again. With children, things can get chaotic very quickly if you don’t keep packing things up and putting them away.

So I’m offering you a little challenge…

Zoe at Home

It can wait!

I’ve always been a coffee drinker, but instead of sitting down to my beloved stove-top espresso, I often find myself walking around, cup in hand doing this and that. In fact, mornings are my most productive time, but I think I may have ruined this morning ritual by too much multitasking!

This week, challenge yourself to find some time in the afternoons to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. How long does it take to drink a cup of something? Five minutes? Ten minutes? You can afford to take that much time away from your To Do list. If someone asks you to do something for them during afternoon tea time, get into the habit of saying, “sure, as soon as I’ve finished my tea”. This signals to others that your free time is important.

And if you can, leave your phone in another room. It sets a good example to children when they see adults relaxing by doing something other than interacting with electronic gadgets. How about a book, a magazine, or simply your own quiet thoughts?

Zoe at Home


Let me know how you go in the Comments…


2 thoughts on “Challenge: make time in your day for a break

  1. It all makes a lot of sense Zoe and I like your thought about electronic gadgets. Can I add not just phones etc but also TV. Television is great for sitting down and watching something worthwhile but not when left on nonstop, what for? Babysitting, background noise?
    As you say, make a special time to sit down for your cup of coffee, perhaps this should also apply to watching TV. I would like to hear your comment.

    • I agree completely, Marianne. I love to sit down to watch a DVD with my husband, but I find it really hard to concentrate when it is left on as a background noise. I had my first ‘afternoon tea’ yesterday, and I must say, it was difficult to sit still for that long!

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