GTD for mums Part 2: a gallery of tips and tricks

Recently I wrote about my GTD system and how it’s helped me feel more organised, and today I wanted to show you a few of the ways I capture ideas before I forget them.

I keep my planner open at all times to remind myself of what I need to get done that day:

Zoe at Home planner

I keep a notepad and pen by the bed. I also have one of these in the kitchen, because when I’m cooking I often think of things I must remember to do:

Zoe at Home

At times when I have a lot on I take my planner with me from room to room. Perhaps this is overkill, but since having a family my memory is not as good as it once was!

Zoe at Home Filofax

In the days when I carried a small handbag, I would carry this mini notebook and pen inside my wallet:

Zoe at Home

And a little pink highlighter because, well, I like pink!

The Weekly Review doesn’t work for me: I forget things too easily. So I fill out this sheet each evening with the priorities for the next day:

To Do list by kikki.K Zoe at Home

You can see I have a weakness for coloured pens!

I bought it at a stationery store, but here are some popular printable PDFs which are available online:

Simple Mom’s Daily Docket (you can download it for free)

The Daily Page Notepad from Life’s a Journal (you can buy a set from her Etsy shop)

The Daily Goals list from I Heart Organizing (another free printable)

So how about you? How do you keep from forgetting things?


6 thoughts on “GTD for mums Part 2: a gallery of tips and tricks

  1. It’s having children! My brain is awful since I had kids – I have to write EVERYTHING down or I forget it, I must look through my planner several times a day. I just carry my whole bag around with me now (planner, iPad Mini, knitting, medication) lol

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one to carry my planner EVERYWHERE! If you are a mum you usually end up carrying everyone else’s stuff too. (Unless you put your foot down and use a teeny-tiny bag: see my post on heavy handbags). The iPad mini is the perfect size for carrying in a handbag- they must have had that in mind when they designed it!

  2. Hello again !
    I love this post and really your whole blog :$
    Just a quick question, apologies in advance if I have missed a post that answers my question
    Your filofax is a5 size, and I assume that it lives at home on the counter… Now for the silly question…what do you use for a handbag sized notebook/diary/shopping list etc? Us mums need to be able to keep a certain amount of info around with us, especially if we are still suffering from babybrain. Our youngest as almost five years old and I still have a brain like a sieve!

    • That’s a very valid question, Jo! I like to carry the A5 planner with me when I go out, even though it is heavy. There is so much useful information in it that if I leave it behind, I just know I’ll need to refer to it. I have a little handbag and a larger tote bag for this (see this post for a picture of the two bags). Sometimes I just carry a little handbag over my shoulder if I’m just going out on a quick errand, but even then I always have a mini notebook and pen and I tear off the daily To Do list and put it in my bag as I leave the house. Otherwise I forget things too!

      I have a handbag that can fit an A5 planner (see here for a picture), but once the planner goes in, nothing else will fit! Also, I have a Pinterest board called “What’s in your handbag?” which has pictures of the stuff I carry around with me.

      Hmm… you’ve given me something to think about for my next post… Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi there 🙂

    Love this posts!! Just wondering where did you get your monthly and weekly print outs from in your first post??

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hello! Those inserts are from Australian company Collins Debden. They’re a bit tricky to source outside of Aus, but when another person asked about them I emailed the company and they said they would begin shipping them overseas. You can order them from And you can email them at Another site that sells them is, but I’m not sure if they ship overseas. And their inserts are compatible with and Filofax A5 and Personal and Franklin Covey too.

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