Project: create a children’s craft corner

Children's craft corner Zoe at HomeAll kids are the same. When they are together, they always want the toy that the other person is playing with! I wanted to encourage my children to play together and cooperate, rather than compete and argue with each other. And I wanted something to keep the children occupied when other families come to visit. That way, the adults can chat without having to entertain the little ones constantly.

We don’t have enough space for a separate area devoted to children’s craft, so I guess I should really be calling this a children’s craft zone. The table and chairs are lightweight so I can move them around as the need arises (for more on this see my Lego furniture theory). Children’s furniture comes up quite regularly on Ebay so there’s no need to spend too much on this project. For the rest, just use what you already have to hand.

I used one section of the bookcase to store sticker books, colouring books and craft paper:

Children's craft corner

I used another section to store crayons and textas, and a box of scrapbooking supplies:

Zoe at Home craft supplies storage

However, I don’t like to keep too many supplies in the craft area: it gets messy too quickly. I put surplus supplies away in a box in another part of the house. When I’m feeling really organised I put out a selection of materials ready-to-go the night before, to encourage my children to do something during the day, not just play on the computer:

Children's craft activities Zoe at Home

They really like having an area they can call their own. And they love it when I sit down and make things with them.

As for arguing less? Well, kids will be kids!

Alphabet activities


4 thoughts on “Project: create a children’s craft corner

  1. I like this idea Zoe. All children are creative and they should be encouraged, far better than being surrounded by toys that leave nothing to the imagination.

  2. So, Kids, crayons, and white furniture. Isn’t that a headache waiting to happen? It does seem like it’s a small miracle that your table seem to be so spotless. I mean, I’m 38 and I actually managed to draw on my computer desk with a permanent marker 2 weeks ago.

    • Well that table is new, but it’s amazing what a few filters and some judicious cropping can do for your photos! We chose the white chairs because you can wipe them clean, much easier than with upholstered chairs. You should see my floors after dinner time- nothing like the picture hehee. It seems like every time I put a clean shirt on, one of my kids will make it dirty within a few minutes! All part of the joys of parenthood… 🙂

      • Regarding shirts, even though I don’t have kids of my own. When my little niece visited from Holland this Christmas. My brand new white sweater got covered in chocolate when I was playing with her. I didn’t even notice until a guy at the local gas station asked what happened. Lol.

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