An easier way to record your child’s milestones

Baby journals Zoe at Home

I even wanted to sew clothes for my children for their keepsake boxes. What was I thinking!

Here is a selection of the baby journals I own. They’re lovely books really, except for the fact that they’re all but empty. The sad thing is, when I look at them I feel guilty that I never found time to fill them out properly. And let it be known, these are books I bought for myself. They weren’t bought for me, so the guilt I feel is all something I brought upon myself.

One is a standard baby journal, where your glue-in your ultrasound pictures, record special memories, and all the usual milestones. Another is a book where you record all the funny things your children say. I also bought some acid-free notebooks to use as scrapbooks as I felt conventional baby books were too limiting for me.

The problem with these books is that they become a monument to our good intentions. Do we purchase these things out of guilt? Or does the guilt come later when we realise we’ll never have time for them?

Looking after a baby is a 24-hour a day occupation. And getting rest and time away from the baby is just as important a task for the mother as what she does with her baby. But all parents want to record these fleeting moments and create a keepsake to pass on.

I think I have found an easier solution…

Why not record your child’s special moments in the diary or planner you’re already using? Then the information is kept in context with the other things that were happening in your family at the time. For instance, you’ll be able to remember that your child decided to eat a particular food three months after you started giving solid food, or that they walked a week after their birthday.

Keeping a diary is a good thing for a mother to do anyway. When you are trying to function on broken sleep, you become very forgetful, and if you record important dates and To Do lists in your diary you’ll feel more in control.

All you need to do is choose a roll of washi tape to record your memos for each child. That way you can find the information easily later. Or simply use a different coloured pen for each child.

Your child's milestones Zoe at Home

Maybe later you’ll want to turn this record into a keepsake for your child. Or maybe you could send it off to a professional scrapbooker who might be able to do it better and cheaper than you could. Or perhaps it’s enough to just keep your diary as a record of your life as it is.

For more inspiration, have a look at Angela from Paper Lovestory’s My Week series. She shows how beautiful a simple planner can become with a couple of coloured markers and a few stickers.

How to store washi tape Zoe at Home

The washi tape stickers at the bottom of the picture are easier to write on than washi tape on a roll.

If you have a baby book that you have filled out, I’d love to know your secret! Let me know how you found time to fill it out in the Comments.


7 thoughts on “An easier way to record your child’s milestones

  1. Recording milestone in children’s lives in the written form is a wonderful thing to do and can be kept and read in that form for years to come. So keep it up.
    However I would like to raise some issues to consider with the many digital photos and movies we take of our children and families. Technology changes so rapidly, this older people are very aware of. What to do with thousands of old slides, Super 8 movies or videos? Unless you still have the projector and viewing equipment to go with them they are quite useless. The same I suspect will happen with digital images, computers have and will change at a rapid rate.
    My suggestion…..go through your digital images and regularly make selections of photos that are precious. Have them printed !! Two copies of each image, one to store properly for the future (your hard copy record). The other to frame, show family and friends or put in a photo album. It is so nice to see a real photo instead of a digital image.

    • That’s very true. Technology changes rapidly, but we’ll always have paper I’m sure! People are always taking photos these days, but how often do you actually see other people’s pictures? There must be a way to simply organize and display family photos. Hmm… I’ll think about that!

  2. One suggestion would be “external hard drives”. Then you don’t have to transfer the photos every time you buy a new laptop, And they are easy to connect to any computer.

  3. Hi Zoe, I also use my daily planner to record milestones and anecdotes about my daughter. I use an A5 Moleskine Weekly Notebook as it’s got the week’s agenda on one page and lined notebook paper on the adjacent page. I’ve been using these notebooks for several years and they work perfectly for me. Mind you I’m one of those odd people who managed to fill in my pregnancy journal and most my daughter’s baby book – with the help of my weekly planner of course 🙂

    As for electronic photos… LOCKSS! (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) … and backup your backups. External hard drives fail too, so keep the really important stuff on DVD and have at least two separate hard drive copies (PC and external hard drive). If you can, store copies in other locations, i.e. your parents house, or in the cloud using tools like Dropbox or Google Cloud so that if the worst happened and your home was destroyed, you wouldn’t lose all your important files and photos.

    • Thank you Sally, you’ve really got me thinking! I haven’t been very good at backing-up. I’ve also been wondering how to back-up my blog. It would be terrible to lose all my posts… Must do some more research.

      • On your WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Export and select to Export an XML file. Then you can save that XML file to your hard drive, flash drive, DVD or in the cloud. Depending on how often you post, you might like to do this weekly, monthly or every few months. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Thanks so much Sally! I’ve been wondering how to do this. I’m always afraid to go into tools as there is a Delete Blog option and I’m scared I’ll do that by mistake! But if I’m backed-up it won’t be an issue 😉

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