Small Space Living Part 2: My Lego Furniture Theory

Lego furniture theory for decorating small spaces

In a small space every piece of furniture has to do double duty, and every piece you acquire must enhance your overall design. So how best to furnish a small home? Enter my Lego Furniture Theory.

Live large in your small space ZoeAtHome.comThis idea came to me when I was playing Lego with my kids. We like to make houses for our Lego families. What I love about Lego is that you can put the pieces together, take them apart and rearrange them easily.

So when choosing furniture for a small home, look for pieces that can be put together or pulled apart and rearranged as the need arises. Nests of tables, retractable tables, and anything on castors is perfect.

Instead of a coffee table, we have four of these ottomans I picked up at an office supply store. We can use them as extra seating when friends visit, and store toys in them for a quick clean-up. They could also be used as bedside tables or as storage in children’s rooms. They were cheap, so if one gets damaged I can easily replace it.

Storage ottomans as a coffee table

And instead of a couch, we have two replica Barcelona Chairs. I realised I could live without a couch after reading this post from Miss Minimalist. We can push them together to create a sofa, or we can have them facing each other when we sit down for a chat. They were designed by Mies van der Rohe and have been in production since the 1930s, but I think they’ll still look modern in the 2030s. Here they are in a conventional sofa-and-coffee table combination:

White Barcelona chairs used as a sofa

White Barcelona Chairs

This arrangement is more conducive to conversation

With these two elements, we can easily change the look of our living room by rearranging things every week, or even every day. It’s great to be able to keep this small space fresh by changing things around frequently.

I’ve tried to buy things that are lightweight not only because they can be easily moved, but because look light and airy and they don’t drag the space down. Anything in glass or perspex or with narrow legs in the Mid Century Modern style is great because it allows light to bounce around. A few years ago we donated some heavy black chests of drawers which were weighing down the energy in our house. Click here for the story on how liberating it was.

When I find a beautiful piece of furniture, I always add it to one of my Pinterest boards. It’s my way of ‘virtual shopping’ since I don’t have room for any more furniture! Click here to follow me on Pinterest.

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2 thoughts on “Small Space Living Part 2: My Lego Furniture Theory

  1. Love this concept, love your choice, love Miss M… I chose to use two small scale Ikea recamiers (‘Hamra’, 75×150 cm) for the same reason, also cream leather. They are so versatile, right now end to end along a wall for stretching out, but have had all variations in our small living room! We do have a 220cm table though, and lots happens round that 🙂 I guess it’s what works for the individual.

    • I think the dining table is the heart of the home and definitely something you shouldn’t compromise on. My dining table is quite small, but I can extend it when people come over for dinner. Hmm… I should share some pictures of my dining table.

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