Attention Filo-philes: what can I do about Saturday and Sunday?!

What can I do about Saturday & Sunday?

I love my A5 planner, with its large spaces for writing appointments and daily To Do lists during the week. But these days I find that my weekends are just as cluttered with a schedule and jobs to do. In today’s world, our weekends are becoming deregulated, and are no longer seen as unstructured leisure time. Many people have to work on weekends, so for them Saturday and Sunday are just like any day.

What can I do about Filofax Saturday and Sunday?

My diary pages have only a half-size space for Saturday and Sunday, but those are the days that I’m twice as busy! I think this layout reflects a very last-century way of looking at time and its management. And, it has three months worth of calendars on every page, which is a real waste of planner real-estate!

Hmm… Perhaps I simply have to accept what I cannot change, and maybe I could use this space as a kind of rotating gallery of my latest washi acquisition instead:

Using washi tape to personalise a Filofax A5

I’ve been trying to think of a hack to work around it. I ordered some plain white washi tape in the hope that I could tape over the area and have more space to write.

Using washi tape in a Filofax

But as you can see, the tape is too transparent, and I found that certain pens don’t write well on washi. What can I do about it?! There must be someone out there with a creative solution! If you have some good ideas, please let me know in the Comment section below…

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11 thoughts on “Attention Filo-philes: what can I do about Saturday and Sunday?!

  1. You do know why Saturday and Sunday are smaller than the rest of the days in your filofax, Right? It’s because you are supposed to relax on the weekend. Lol. But if that’s not working for you, you can always tape regular paper to your calendar to cover up those month. But that’s a lot of extra work.. If you do use paper and tape it to your book, put the tape in the middle, then you can fold the paper you have added, that will give you even more space to write on. Did that make any sense?

    • Thanks for the tip! I was wondering what sort of pens would work on washi tape. I just looked at your blog – so many lovely pictures! It’s great to meet a fellow stationery lover!

    • Of course! I’ve been overlooking the obvious. I’m sure there are some pretty pink sticky notes out there which will look nice… Thank you for your comment, Linda.

  2. I hate pages that don’t have full-sized spaces for the weekend. I have just as much to do on the weekend as I do during the week! I would probably insert a separate piece of paper. When I was trying to use the FF 2 ppd, there’s only one page for Saturday & Sunday so I put a blank piece of paper between them. It doesn’t work quite as slick for your set-up, but a blank page or post-its would be my choice.

    • Thanks everyone for your good ideas! I think I’ll use a combination of all these ideas. Hopefully I’ll be able to share my new hack in an upcoming post.

  3. Some news for anyone seeking Collins Debden planner refills! I just received an email from Kirsty from Collins Debden saying they will soon put an international shipping option on their webshop at Hopefully that helps, but if you have trouble ordering from them you can email for help. They were quite prompt in getting back to me.

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