Second Space: a weekend at the beach

A walk along the beach

When you live in a small space, you need strategies to prevent you feeling confined to your four walls. You need to cultivate a Second Space. For us, our breakout space is a weekend at the beach. We’re lucky, because my parents live near the beach, so we’re able to have a weekend away every few weeks. It definitely makes small space living easier.

I thought I’d share some images today because for many of you living in the Northern Hemisphere, it must be the middle of winter.

In go the surfboards, boogie boards, high chairs and overnight bags. Although we’ve had a lot of practice, it always takes us about two hours to pack the car! Click here for tips on preparing for a family road trip.

A weekend at the beach

Luckily it’s not a long drive, but I’ve realised that we actually need the commute to help us decompress from the stresses of the week.

On the Saturday morning, my husband is usually off before dawn to have a surf. So I get up with the kids and I get to see the sunrise, which is always special because you don’t get to see the horizon if you live in the city.

When he returns we usually go out for coffee or sometimes a meal. And with access to babysitting, we can actually enjoy it!

A weekend at the beach

We try to always spend at least one afternoon at the beach. The rest of the time we play in my mother’s garden and generally try to do as little as possible. The kids always get worn out, and they always sleep well that night. The change of scene helps us all unwind from our busy lives.

A weekend at the beach

You don’t need to have a beach house to cultivate a Second Space. It could simply be your local café, park, or library. But in a small space it does help to have another place in the back of your mind you know you can escape to.

What’s your Second Space like?


5 thoughts on “Second Space: a weekend at the beach

  1. You know, that’s been an argument for some time to advocate for smaller spaces, smaller homes. Smaller spaces require us then to build community, as our “living room” becomes the neighborhood park or cafe. Loved hearing about your weekend away.

    I don’t have kids, but for me, sometimes a drive or a bus ride out of my town helps me to escape the daily life. Trips and vacations help us to enjoy time away and then appreciate our homes when we return. Somestimes, though, a lack of time or lack of money can make it difficult. I find walking to a different park, or even taking a different route to a coffee shop can help expand my horizons and give me a different sense of home and away.

    Love your blog!

  2. Please post more beach pictures. Our winter doesn’t seem to want to end. I just got home from a family visit in Holland, where we did have a few warm days. But at the moment a snow storm is heading our way. and the temperature is minus 4C. If I had the money I would make your part of the world my second space.

    • It must be so cold there! I’ve never felt so cold as when I went to Europe in the middle of winter. Holland was the coldest, for sure! We have plans to go to the beach for the Easter weekend so I’ll see what I can do!

  3. Better yet Please send some heat our way. If you thought Holland was cold. You’ve never been to Denmark during winter. In Holland It reached spring time temperatures last week, 18c While we are having below zero temperatures at the moment. So enjoy your time at the beach. I really wish it was me.

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