The way my Dad used to make the tea

How to make tea in a pot Marimekko teapot

This way of making tea involves boiling the kettle twice, and a few extra steps. But sometimes the more effort you put into something, the more you appreciate it.

1. Choose the best quality tea

Dad showed me how to make tea when he bought me my first teapot. The key to making good tea is to choose high-grade loose leaf tea. The bigger the pieces in the blend, the higher the quality. This is mango tea, which Dad always had in the house when I was a child. When I open the canister, the mango scent always brings back memories for me. Nowadays when I make this tea for him he always says, “This is nice tea! Where did you get it?”

I buy this tea from my local food market. By weight it’s a little expensive, but it lasts me for months as I only have it in the afternoons.

2. Preheat the teapot and cups

If you preheat the pot and cups the tea will stay hot longer, so you can enjoy a second cup from the pot. Pour boiling water into them and let them stand while you re-boil the kettle.

How to make tea

3. Put a small amount of tea in the pot.

I only use a small amount of tea, less than a spoonful. Good tea is made from the whole leaf, and a small amount will still make a strong brew. If you take milk, I think it’s best to add that first. [Update: I’ve just heard on good authority that it’s best to add the milk last to prevent scalding it]

How to make mango tea

This teapot has the strainer basket inside. I think this is the easiest way to make loose-leaf tea, rather than pouring the tea through a tea-strainer.

My Dad always pours off the first 20mL or so of tea before filling the cups, but he told me he doesn’t know why he does this. It’s just the done thing.

4. Pour your tea, and enjoy it.

Sitting down to a cup of tea is one of life’s pleasures. Sharing one with someone you love is another.

How to make tea

My Dad isn’t materialistic, but with the things he does buy, he always chooses the best quality. Not just with tea, but coffee, cheese and wine. He loves conversation, and has considered opinions on many things: politics, architecture, art. He lives a rich life because he chooses the best, but this doesn’t always have to cost a lot if you buy carefully.

He didn’t just teach me how to make tea. He taught me how to live well.

What did your parents teach you?


5 thoughts on “The way my Dad used to make the tea

  1. Beautiful! Love the pot and canister.
    My daughter and her husband are very into tea and the rituals – even their wedding was tea-themed, really special 🙂

    • Thank you! I have been saving up for this teapot for a long time! My brother told me that it’s important to turn the pot two-and-a-half times as well. I guess that’s part of the ritual too?!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I love tea, but often do the rushed boil-water-throw-tea-bag-in-cup kind of thing. I will mindfully slow down, use my lovely tea pot, and follow your advice and enjoy the ritual of making it and sipping it. Wonderful post and great pictures!

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