How to find your own space and solitude when you live in a small home

How to find your own space and solitude when you live in a small home

A while ago, when I was listening to a radio program, someone commented that for optimum health, we all need an hour a day of silence, stillness and solitude. An hour a day?! It would be nice to have just five minutes peace around here! It was a really thought-provoking discussion. For a podcast link, click here.

In a small space, with children and the time pressures they bring (not to mention the noise!), this really is a challenge. So I decided to brainstorm some ways a little solitude could be achieved in a busy home:

  • Wake up before everyone else. This is something I have trouble with, but my husband is a morning person and is usually up before dawn. This is the quietest part of the day, before the birds start chirping and the traffic noise begins.
How to find your own space and solitude when you live in a small home

This is the sunrise we see when we have a weekend at the beach.

  • Cultivate a Second Space. It could be a nearby park café; or a library which is usually a quiet space. We have a few really nice parks near our house. Sometimes a change of scene breaks up the tension when my children have been cooped up all day, and I can have a few moments to think while they are playing. A weekend away can be revitalising, even if it’s not holiday time; but sometimes just a walk around the block can give me five minutes for a few deep breaths.
  • Listen to the radio, while not exactly silence, this does help me calm down. When I’m listening to my favourite radio station it’s like I’m listening in on an interesting adult conversation – something I really miss since having children!
  • Turning your bedroom into an activity zone could also help create a breakout space. When I look at my children’s bedrooms, they are all set up with things to keep them occupied: their favourite toys, books to read and posters on the wall. Our bedroom, by comparison is quite bare with only a bed, bedside tables and wardrobes. I’m thinking of setting up a small desk in there, then I could have a quiet place to work. I’ll share the results with you here when I work something out.
  • Tending a garden is great for mental health if you have a balcony or a little outdoor space. But if you don’t have a green thumb, just watering a few herbs in a pot is a relaxing morning ritual, and if they start to die, you can just throw them in a salad and cut your losses!

How do you find your own space and solitude?

How to find your own space and solitude in a small home


4 thoughts on “How to find your own space and solitude when you live in a small home

  1. I like the sunrise photo. It’s the best part of the day. and so peaceful. In May and June our sunrise is at 3 in the morning. I usually stop at the beach to watch it, on my way home from work. It’s a great way to unwind before going to sleep.

    • Thanks JB, I’ve tried to include more beach pictures as per your request. But the weather is already starting to cool here and I think it might be raining next time we go to the beach. Summer is coming to an end! I just checked the weather in your part of the world: it must be so cold there! Minus 10 overnight, my goodness! I hope you get some sunny days soon.

  2. I am thankful for the beach pictures. You can now brag about Zoe’s blog bringing warmth to the frozen north. Another good thing about living in a small space. it doesn’t cost as much to heat up as a larger apartment or house. Which is a good thing seeing as winter doesn’t seem to want to end. We are looking at another night with double digits below zero. which is a bit unusual for this time of year. Today was a sunny day, but it was still minus 2. I was wondering. Do you ever get sub zero temps down there?

    • There are places where it gets below zero in winter, and there are even some snowfields. But mainly it’s the summer that can get unbearable, like a week of 40 degree days (celsius). It’s really exhausting. That hot weather is finished now and we are enjoying the last month of warm days before autumn starts. Keep warm!

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