Saturdays at our house: a photo gallery

Saturday mornings at my house

I hope you are all enjoying the extra long weekend! To celebrate having two extra days in a weekend, I thought I’d share some photos of how we spend our Saturdays.

I’m not much of a morning person. Fortunately, my husband is. He always gets up with the kids so I can have a sleep-in on Saturday morning. What a wonderful man he is!

Then, it’s time for coffee. I just can’t start my day without two strong cups of it.

How do you start your weekends?

And digital radio. I never miss Saturday Extra or By Design, although my kids usually make so much noise they drown out the sound (click the links to podcast). It took me so long to cough up the dough to buy a digital radio. Why did I wait so long?! You can pause it!

Listening to digital radio on Saturday mornings

Then it’s off to our local park, a wonderful place with a kiosk that serves great coffee. It’s our Second Space closer to home.

Local park boats

No matter how good our intentions, we never seem to be able to get out the house before 10AM. Luckily, the kiosk serves breakfast all day. Here is a bircher museli with a view:

Bircher muesli with a view

In the afternoon it’s time for a little home maintenance. We feel blessed our children will grow up with grass under their feet. Here is my husband wearing our national costume of board shorts and thongs (you might know them as flip-flops?).

Mowing the lawn with a push mower

On the weekends I have a little more time to read. I found a way I can read the entire paper including all the liftouts and cartoons for free (UPDATE: Unfortunately they’ve installed a paywall on this app now, so I’ll have to look for another news source 😦 ).

The Age iPad app

And then it’s time for dinner. Usually my husband cooks dinner on Saturdays so I can have the evening off. He’s been making the same ricotta and spinach cannelloni for years. The kids love his cooking more than mine, even though I cook for them almost every night—it’s so unfair! But last night, I decided to make this pasta with cream, smoked salmon, dill and capers. Who would have thought that I would actually get a round of applause from my family when I announced I was making this dish, but they all love it so much!

Audrey Gordon's smoked salmon pasta

Once everyone is finally in bed, I have a little me-time. You know that moment, when you can slow down for a moment because finally, nobody needs you? I try to remember to pause, take a few deep breaths, and savour that feeling. Usually, I have a rule that I never stay up late blogging. But on the weekends I sometimes make an exception.

Staying up late blogging

Yes, I really do write all my post drafts out by hand!

But that’s enough from me. I’d love to know how you start your weekends.

What’s your Saturday morning routine?

P.S. Organised Habits starts Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Saturdays at our house: a photo gallery

  1. That pasta does look great! Hopefully after reading the part about flip flops I will be able to look at thongs again without thinking about male feet. Lol. Kidding aside The park looks nice as well. probably a great place to relax?

    • Hehee those really are terrible but he insists on wearing them like most Aussie men! That park is one of our special places, but I must admit the great coffee is a big attraction for me, especially on a Saturday morning.

  2. Well “thongs” are practical, especially in hot sand. And I must admit I do have a pair myself. But I only use them at the beach. Ha ha I know what you mean I have all my Saturday mornings reserved for sleeping.

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