How to succeed at university Part 2: carry the right bag

How to succeed at university part 2

How will I carry all these books?!

Recently I gave some tips about how to succeed at university, but I overlooked one of the most important things: carrying the right bag!

I have talked before about how great it is to carry a small handbag. The little handbag I showed in that post has a shoulder strap so I don’t have to put it down and worry about leaving it behind as I move from class to class. But what about the heavy textbooks?

There’s a lot to carry for a day on campus: the books, plus a pencil case, my lunch box, hat and a bottle of water. Also, all the students these days are bringing their laptops to campus too (although I suspect that for many of them, that is so they can use the free wi-fi to check their Facebook 😉 ). While my laptop is too heavy to carry around, I have been bringing my tablet with a mini keyboard which seems to work just as well.

My double-bag system

I’m too old to carry a day-pack, so I think a large tote like this is a good solution, even though I sometimes get a sore shoulder. I can easily see what I’ve got, and its internal pockets are handy. (And of course, it’s pink!)

Two handbag system

I can also put my little handbag inside the bigger bag if I want to consolidate. I think this double-bag system is great, and I don’t know why bags aren’t sold in sets like this. I did see this kind of thing when I lived in Japan, but then, you can buy just about anything there.

I often use this bag on non-uni days too, as it’s good to be able to throw everything in there as we leave the house. As I’m sure you would know, if you are a mother or you have a partner, you often have to carry all their gear as well!

If you have some good tips, please let me know in the comments! And do join me next time, when I will share some tips for learning a language (hint: it’s all about having the right stationery!).

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4 thoughts on “How to succeed at university Part 2: carry the right bag

  1. I think one of the most important things with having a useful tote like this is to empty it out every single time you return home so that bits and pieces and junk don’t accumulate at the bottom…! Took me a long time to teach myself that one!

    • Oh yes, thank you for reminding me Mel! I forgot to say how important this is. It’s very easy for things to accumulate in the bottom of this tote. I have a special shelf where I empty out all my university books as soon as I get home, partly to remind myself to do some study when I get home! I hope to be able to share some photos of this soon.

  2. I was wondering where you got these bags? They are too cute! And they would be seriously perfect for me for college!!

    • The brown one came from Witchery in Australia, and the pink one is I think from Louenhide. Both those brands sell online. I have also bought cute bags from Saba and Seed.

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