Project: create a children’s play cafe

Project: create a children's play cafe

I don’t know how I managed to turn my kids into coffee snobs: perhaps they’ve had one too many baby-cinos! So we decided to make a play café in one of their bedrooms. I’d seen children’s play kitchens in the shops before, but I didn’t like the look of them, and anyway we don’t have the space to store one.

I saw a lovely bedroom on Apartment Therapy where they had created a play kitchen by repurposing a small cupboard and shelf unit, and I’ve been looking for something similar in the vintage furniture stores. I wanted something made from teak in the mid-century style that would look good in our living room also. That way, when the kids get sick of the play cafe, we can use this piece in another room.

Mid-century cupboard on castors ZoeAtHome.

We took the table and chairs from our children’s craft corner to create the café:

Make a play cafe in your child's bedroom

And we used this toy cash register and some cups and plastic food as props:

Toy cash register, kids' play cafe

We only accept Happy Bank and Funny Express cards here!

I love this cupboard because it’s locally made in the mid-century style. It also has Lego properties, so it’s great for small spaces:

  • It’s on castors so it’s easy to move around
  • The back is finished, so you could use it in the middle of a room
  • It’s neutral in design, so it could be used in a living room, home office and bedroom

Now who put that there?!



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