Project: bedside vanity table from repurposed objects

Bedside vanity table vintage mirror

I’m very happy to reveal my latest home DIY project! Our bedroom is tiny, but I wanted to make it a space where I could do my hair and make-up but also write in my journal and do a little work on the computer. There’s barely enough space in here for any new furniture, so whatever I chose would have to do double duty.

The solution I came up with was to replace my bedside table (see this post for a picture of the old table) with a slightly bigger table with drawers for holding my cosmetics and jewelry. The table, I can happily report, was found on a tip! It has a big crack in the middle that I don’t think can be repaired, but I love the curved lines. There was also a drawer missing, but my father-in-law was able to make a new one and stain the timber to match. A chair fits underneath so it doesn’t take up too much room, although it would be great to find a little ottoman stool with storage inside to hold my scarves. I found the round mirror in a junk shop for $20. I think it was once used for displaying crystal ornaments, as it didn’t have a hook on the back and has a few scratches on the glass. We fixed it to the wall using these adhesive velcro strips.

Vintage bedside vanity table with drawers

I picked up the book holder at a garage sale for $5. When I saw it initially, I was looking at it upside-down, and so I thought it was a little stand for displaying collectibles. But when I got it home I realised happily that it was a book holder and that its curved lines matched the table perfectly. I’ve been trying to make more time for reading, so displaying my books by the bed like this reminds me of this goal.

While it cost me next to nothing to create this, the thing I like best about it is that it gives us just a little bit more ‘breakout space’ in our small home. We don’t have the luxury of an extra living room or home office, but this way, if my husband is looking after the children in the living room on a rainy weekend, I study or catch up on email in the bedroom. It gives our home a little bit more functionality.

Bedside blog zone iPad

I use the WordPress app and a little keyboard for mobile blogging.

PS: Looking at the wooden furniture I have in my house, I realise it’s all looking a bit tired and needs a polish. If you have teak furniture, I’d love to know your tips. I’ve heard there is a product called Danish oil, perhaps that might be best?


6 thoughts on “Project: bedside vanity table from repurposed objects

    • Thank you! It’s amazing how a beaten up old table can look nice with a little TLC. It’s solid wood with proper joins, I think they are called ‘butterfly joints’ or something like that? They don’t make things like they used to.

  1. I got teak oil at the hardware store when I refurbished the teak bookshelves that Bob had. A little goes a long way and they look really nice now. I love your circle motif with the mirror/bedspread pattern/top of the stool. You have a great eye!
    — also love it that it’s tomorrow (24th) where you are and here in the US we are your yesterday (23rd).

  2. It’s great that you have these high resolution pictures. From here it looks like the “Crack” is where the table is joined together. So with the right tools you should be able to press them back together. And if it is possible to get it back in place, Get some wood glue or pour some water on those wooden joints you see in the crack and they will expand and hold the parts together like they used to.

  3. I was so happy when I found the exact same dressing table I had had as a child in my tiny room – online in an auction! It is a cylinder on a stand, about 10″ across and about 18″ tall, the top flips up and has a mirror in it and inside is storage for all my “beauty” stuff… When I was small, mine was orange (1973!) but I was thrilled that this one is white and fits perfectly in the corner of my, once again, tiny bedroom 🙂

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