In praise of A5

Using an A5 notebook as a blog planner

This is my blog notebook.

Perhaps this is a strange thing to write about, but I’ve always had a thing about A5-size paper and notebooks! So I decided to dedicate a post to the versatility and usefulness of this size of paper.

Apologies to readers in the US and Canada where the A-series is not used. Unfortunately this information may not be applicable to you :(.

I use a spiral-bound A5 notebook for each of the projects in my life: as a vocabulary book for my French class, for my blog and the eBook I’m working on, and as a phone calls log. It’s a handy portable size, and you can easily toss it in your bag if you want to work on your projects at your local café. It’s a great size to write in too: there’s just enough space to compose without it being too small. I know that once I get to two or three pages I’ve reached a good post length. (See Organised Habit #4 for more on how I use my blogging notebook) It took me a while to work out that all you really need for a personal blog is a book like this to keep records and draft your posts in. You don’t need an extensive filing system (at least, not in the beginning).

Use an A5 notebook for project and blog notes

The mini artwork (top right) is by Kareena Zeferos, available from Lalaland Shop.

And A5 Filofaxes are super easy to customise. Take any document, set your printer to A5 size and print it on A5 paper. I found some pretty pastel A5 paper at my local office supplies store on which to print my Bill Planner (click here to download yours for FREE!)

Kids' crafting on A5 paper

My kids find A5 easier to manage than A4 paper.

Another thing that you can do with A5 is create a Home Management Binder simply and quickly. You don’t need to do any paper trimming or binding, and you can set it up in a matter of minutes. So I hope you’ll join me next time when I’ll show you my binder and share some instructions on how to set one up.

Uses for A5 notebooks and paper

PS: I have been nominated for a Philofaxy blog award! Philofaxy is one of my favourite websites and a wonderful community for planner and stationery fans. It’s such an honour for me to be listed alongside lots of great bloggers. Click here to see the list of nominees and cast a vote. Voting ends on 14 July.


8 thoughts on “In praise of A5

  1. Judging by the size of your pen, I think that we do have a similar size in the US. I have one that is just the size to tuck in the back pocket of my camera bag — much nicer for note-taking than the tiny purse sized ones I used to carry, and big enough to do dual duty for writing conferences, museum visits, etc.

    • Thank you so much! And thank you to the person who nominated me, whoever you are! Some tough competition in my category. It’s the Oscars of Filofax!!

  2. I love A5 too! I am currently trying to downsize my Filofax from A5 to personal size because I fell in love with the yellow original but every time I try to use the diary section I feel like there isn’t enough space! A5 was perfect for me to write in but too big and heavy to carry around in my ever full bags which is why I wanted to go smaller but it’s really hard to get used to.

  3. I love A5 – use notebooks, my kikki k diary and i have A5 size binders i do find it annoying how little there is in australia for accessories though. i grabbed some pretty dividers for my A5 binder while in the USA last year. (not sure what they called the size but it was exactly a match for my binders) – so nice to find your blog today – deb xx

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