Organised habit #5: keep a stack of blank cards

Organised habit: keep a stack of blank cards

Normally I don’t like to buy things for ‘just in case’. But blank cards are great to have on hand.

I first bought a pack of blank cards when I became a mother. So many people offered help and gave us their old toys and baby clothes. I wanted to be able to write each person a thank-you note, so it was great to have a supply of these. Often I would use the cards as birthday cards too, as I was so bad at remembering birthdays in those sleep-deprived days.

That’s one reason why it’s good to get cards that are blank inside, rather than ‘Thank You’ cards. That way, you can use them to dash off a quick note to a friend too. If you keep a few stamps in your purse, then all you need to do is scribble a note, put a stamp on it and drop it in your nearest post box.

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2 thoughts on “Organised habit #5: keep a stack of blank cards

  1. When traveling, I like to buy a box of cards at an art museum gift shop. It’s a good way for me to remember my trip but also have something useful when I get home. (they’re blank inside, with covers related to special exhibitions or the permanent collection)

    • That’s a nice idea. And a souvenir that doesn’t weigh too much! I carried all sorts of heavy things in my suitcase when we did our overseas trips a few years ago.

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