Small handbag strategy: minimise!

Tips for carrying a small handbag

I’ve talked before about how liberating it is to carry a small handbag. One thing I didn’t explain is how I can get away with carrying such a tiny bag. So I’d like to show you the miniature versions of all the things I used to carry around in my big bag:

  • Medications. I like to carry headache tablets with me, but you can just cut off one or two blisters from the packet: you don’t need to carry the whole box around with with you.
  • Sample-sized moisturiser. This little one holds 15 grams and takes up much less room.
  • Perfume. A solid perfume is much easier to carry around and won’t leak in your bag.
  • Mini notebook and pen. These actually fit inside my wallet, which is so cool. Usually this is enough for jotting down notes on-the-go.

Small handbag strategy: carry a notebook and pen

And here are some small items which are useful to have on hand, but don’t weigh much or take up much room:

  • Pocket mirror. I bought mine from Etsy.
  • Tape measure. These bowling tape measures are much smaller than the ones you get from the hardware store. The paper ones from Ikea take up even less room.
  • Lip gloss. This was a freebie from an airline.
  • Band-aids.
  • Hair ties and hair clip.
  • Flash-drive.

I keep all these items together in a little zippered pouch. It’s my little ’emergency kit’:

Small purse emergency kit

Bibi from Thienthanh made this pouch to order.

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5 thoughts on “Small handbag strategy: minimise!

  1. Purses can be such a pain. Too small, too big, never the right size. I’m trying to get one bag for every day, just one, a definite work in progress. These are great ideas and maybe my load won’t be so heavy. Thanks!!

  2. Great post Zoe! I have tried many times to condense my handbag contents with little success. I’m going to give some of these tips a go. Would also make everything super simple to transfer into different bags as I change handbags 3 times a week.

  3. Cool ideas– I need a bag within a bag because I am usually toting around my computer bag and my stuff scatters. I think carrying a small handbag with just the essentials is a good idea, and I can stow it in my laptop bag..

  4. As I think I’ve said before, definitely my strategy πŸ™‚
    Right now, my tiny satchel contains: card case, coin purse, iphone, charger cable, rose salve, concealer stick, lipstick, eye pencil, emery board, anti-histamine tablets, pen, notebook, dog baggies, keys. I haven’t actually needed to miniaturise anything, surprisingly. However, when travelling, I like to take mini-soap (avoiding liquids), talc, hand cream and so on. Amazing what is available when you look!

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