My weekly indulgence

My weekly indulgence iced coffee espresso gelato

A few weeks after we bought our new lounge chairs, a friend asked me how comfy they were. I had to reply that I hadn’t yet sat down on them! That’s because I rarely sit down when I’m at home. If I want to sit down and relax, I have to go to a local café.

This is a scoop of coffee-flavoured gelato with a shot of espresso: perfection in a glass! I often have one of these when I do the weekly shopping. I carefully avoid the mums buying baby-cinos and find a nice quite table in the corner. And I can enjoy fifteen minutes of being with my own thoughts, before returning to the noise and activity of home.

I’ve tried sitting down at home with a magazine and cup of coffee. But I always found myself getting up to do other things. So I have to go out in order to read my magazine. But that’s ok because now my local café feels a bit like my living room.

Coffee and magazine break Mid century modern teak table and chairs

Caring for children, housework, study, blogging… all these activities expand to fill the time available, and it’s the quiet meditative activities that tend to get dropped. Especially with social media filling up every half-minute of our lives.

Sometimes you have to put yourself first and claim a bit of me-time. Having a ritual like this built into your weekly routine helps you do so more regularly. Do you have a ritual too?

What’s your weekly indulgence?

PS: Life has become so busy lately, so I’ve decided to go back to posting once a week for a while. See you next Monday!


7 thoughts on “My weekly indulgence

  1. Well besides Reading Zoe at home, or since you are studying French, Le Zoè at home. (I don’t know the French words for “at home”) My weekly indulgence is a bit more violent. And unfortunately not something I have time for every week. But I find it relaxing to play computer games. As long as they have a good storyline it’s better than sitting on the couch watching a movie.

    • Hello J.B.! I have been thinking of you! I guess you have been on your summer holidays. I’m glad you’re back! It’s true, some technologies are active and some are passive.

      • Hi Zoe! actually I Haven’t had my vacation yet. This year I’m saving my vacation time for when I’m moving in October. But we have had the best summer in years. And I didn’t leave. You pop up in my Mailbox every week. And I read it all. But I’m not at handbag kind of guy. Lol.

  2. Fifteen minutes alone with my own thoughts sounds like heaven, I can’t even have a relaxing bath in peace without someone knocking on the door or worse still just barging in and start chatting away! The only activity I can do by myself is walking the dogs but that is a job my husband loves so I rarely get the chance to do it. My youngest will start nursery next year and then I’ll get two hours a day by myself, I won’t know what to do lol!

    • Every mum needs some time away from her little darlings, for sure. You won’t know yourself when they start nursery. Just don’t spend your day off catching up on housework, that’s my advice! (hard to do, I know)

      • It’s not too bad because my eldest two are already in school but I’m so used to my little shadow following me everywhere it will feel very odd!

  3. I don’t have kids, but going to school and work full-time can be a challenge. I find that my weekly indulgence is one session of 1-2 hours at the coffee shop or the library, just for writing (whether it’s for my blog, a publication, or just for me)! That time, away from everything else, is precious and important! I also make time for a workout daily, but I’ve decided that’s not an indulgence, but an essential mental and physical health component!

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