Revealed: my new pink Smythson organiser!

Unboxing and tour of pink fuchsia Bond Street Organiser planner organizer

Are you ready for the big reveal? Here is my new pink Smythson Bond Street organiser! It arrived from the UK in only six sleeps.

And it was bubble-wrapped and beautifully packaged in a presentation box lined with tissue paper.

But before I go any further, I’d like to thank Angela of Paper Lovestory, especially for mentioning that they were on sale. She is a very talented blogger and her beautiful photos were so seductive that I just had to check and see if they were in stock… 😉

Here is a look at the binder itself. You can see it has GOLD rings and embossing. Every girl needs a set of gold rings! The rings are perfectly aligned and stamped with the SMYTHSON name. And they are not riveted like Filofax ones are. So if they ever malfunction, I assume they could be easily replaced. It comes with a Smythson pencil too.

You can click on any of these smaller photos to launch the photo gallery:

This is what it came with: address paper, lined notepaper, tabs and A-Z index transparent tabs. I removed all of this, except for the lined paper, immediately. The paper is watermarked and gilt-edged, which is a nice luxurious touch.

What Smythson organisers come with

At checkout, there was an option to have the organiser embossed with my initials or name for an extra £40. At the time I thought this was too much as it was already a splurge for me. But I love this organiser so much I now wish I’d paid that bit extra to have it personalised.

However, I discovered that Sachiko from Cute Organizing makes Registration Covers for Filofaxes. So I ordered a special set of dividers and a cover with my name on it. These dividers are so cute!

Cute Organising Japan Corner dividers

Sachiko makes more kawaii versions of her dividers too!

The all-leather pen loop fits a Frixion pen perfectly. To keep the pink theme going I used a pink pen. But I don’t like to write in pink, so I swapped the cartridge for a black one instead.

I think the pen loop is a little too close to the contents of the binder, and it was starting to bend the tabs I originally had in here (my only complaint). So I ordered Top Tabs from Sachiko. Top Tabs are great! Now all the edges of my pages line up nicely.

Smythson Bond Street Organiser pink Cute Organising Japan Corner dividers review and tour

Here are a few ‘action shots:’

I hope you like it as much as I do! I hope you’ll join me next week, when I’ll explain why I changed from A5 to the Personal size.

In the meantime, here are some links for some other bloggers with the same pink Bond Street Organiser:


18 thoughts on “Revealed: my new pink Smythson organiser!

    • Thank you and everyone for your comments! This is like when you buy a new pair of shoes and you show all your girlfriends- only none of my girlfriends like planners!

  1. OMG!! I am soooo jealous!! It’s such a gorgeous organiser and I love the combination of pink and gold 😀 And your dividers are looking great in it, love the colours you chose!

    • Your dividers really set off this organiser! They are very nicely made and the design is so cute. Your product is very special!

    • Hello Helen. I ordered it from It’s a UK brand but they ship internationally. This was last year’s model so it didn’t come with a diary. Normally their stuff is very expensive, but because it was on sale it was comparable to some of the Filofax models.

      • Oh that is unfortunate! Keep an eye out though, I believe they introduce new styles every year and have sales once or twice a year.

  2. Congratulations on the new pink member of your family. I am a bit surprised about the price. I had no idea organisers could be that expensive. Yours was on sale, but £350! Try not to spill any coffee on it. 🙂

    • Thank you! I have had a few visions if coffee spilling all over it. Especially with my little darlings around! It was a bit of a splurge even on sale. At a dollar per day, it will be paid off some time next year. But as they say, it’s because I’m worth it, haha. >

  3. Hello~! Thank you so much for your support on youtube,IG and for your encouraging words on my blog! I haven’t touched my blog in ages, and you reminded me that I should really put more effort into it. I can imagine living in Japan 10 years ago must have been quite challenging. How long did you stay here? I hope you had a good/positive experience in Japan! On another note, I LOVE this planner!!..and the fact that you changed out the ink in the Frixion pen is SO awesome!

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