I converted my husband to using a paper diary

Paper vs digital planner

My husband is tech-savvy with so many things, but there’s something about a paper diary which is hard to replicate. For sure, I’ve been singing the praises of paper planners for a long time ;), but it wasn’t until recently that I was able to convert him.

It happened because we’d both booked an appointment on the same day and we had a scheduling clash. So we realised that we each need to keep a diary so that we can keep track of the other person’s schedule. Sure, maybe spouses can email each other their digital calendar, but that only works if both people are digital planners, and I am not one of those.

At first I offered him my old compact Metropol, but he wasn’t interested. But you can add extra pages! And you only need to replace the insert each year! But it’s totally customisable!…No, no, no.

So I showed him the little slimline diary I used to carry before converting to ringed planners. This has a spiral binding so you can lay it open on your desk. But he didn’t like that kind of binding. Men like to keep things simple! Women like to complicate things; that’s why they carry such heavy handbags!

How to make your husband use a diary ZoeAtHome.com

And then I found this same diary with a stitched binding. He likes this because it takes up less space and he can slip it in his work bag and it won’t get damaged.

I like his diary. I think it has a professional look, and it sends a good signal when he gets it out at meetings to schedule appointments. That’s a much better look than fiddling with your phone during a meeting.

Now who else can I convert…?

PS: Apologies for not posting last week. I’ve been sick for a few weeks now, but finally I’m getting better.


5 thoughts on “I converted my husband to using a paper diary

  1. My husband doesn’t keep any sort of planner at all. He works regular hours and I keep track of all our family activities. I keep trying to convert him over, but he just says something like “but you remember all that stuff!” as he goes off to work and I send off his parents’ anniversary card. Ha.

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