Life is better by bike

Small-space inner city bike commuting shopping

It all started with sourdough. In the city, there is a wonderful artisan baker who makes the most amazing bread filled with olives or dried fruit. But we live on the city fringe, and it seemed odd to drive into the city just to get a loaf of bread on a Saturday morning.

I could walk, but that would take 20 minutes. I know in some countries, making a 40-minute round-trip just for some special food is not unusual. So getting a bike seemed like a good way to bridge the middle distances.

getting around by bike Australia

That would be my husband!

Until recently, cycling hasn’t been a mainstream mode of transport in Australia. But now, people are becoming more aware of cyclists’ rights to use the road. Even so, I don’t feel as safe as I do in the car, and I would never carry my kids around on a bike. So I’d like to get some rear-view mirrors and much bigger reflectors than the ones that came with my bike.

You don’t need a fancy bike, either. Check out my husband’s bike which he picked up off the side of the road. The electrical tape on the seat is a design feature:

Cycling in the city Australia

Having a bike has improved my lifestyle and my fitness. It’s brought some of my favourite places much closer to me. And the sourdough too.

sourdough fruit loaf bread


4 thoughts on “Life is better by bike

  1. Sure, I have a (bad?) habit of making bakery stop as a destination stop for at least 30% of my bike rides. We’re car-free…for last 30 yrs. (at least for me).

    • Wow! It would be great to be car-free. Cars really complicate things. But for us, that would mean we wouldn’t be able to visit relatives 😦
      One other thing I forgot to mention: riding a bike is FUN! Like when you were a kid.

  2. Recent vacations show us that cities are getting so much more bike-friendly lately. It’s great to see — especially the places that have stations throughout the city for picking up and dropping off the community bicycles. Here, the car traffic is so aggressive that I’d be a little nervous until people get accustomed to it.

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