Some gratuitous photos of my pink Smythson personal planner

A tour of my Smythson Filofax organizer planner

This Smythson Bond Street Organiser was a splurge, but the more I use it the more I love it. It’s leather is more beautiful than any of the handbags I own, and the fuchsia pink is somehow daring and restrained at the same time. So I thought I’d show you how I’ve been using it.

The tabs that Sachiko from Cute Organizing made me are still working well after several months of use. And their pastel colours set off the colours of the binder nicely. The sections I have are:

  • Notes: I use this as a catch-all for my daily notes, and as a phone calls log. I have simple graph paper from Rakuten for this.
  • To Do: I like the idea of GTD, so I use separate lists for Home, On Computer, Blog, To Buy. Actually, when I flip through this section it gets a bit depressing seeing all the things I have to do!
    Saturday and Sunday large size planner pages

    Behold! Saturday and Sunday in all their spacious glory.

  • Calendar: I have a month on two pages calendar from Debden. I like it because it has a column called Weekly Priorities down the side. I also use an undated Week Plus Notes insert from Rakuten. It’s has a feint graph background so I can customise it to suit my needs.
  • Information: I use this as my reference section. Here I record all the information I can’t rely on my memory to keep track of. There’s now quite a few pages here, so I’m thinking of using the Smythson A-Z tabs so I can retrieve things quickly.
  • Finance: Here I want to add my Bill Planner in personal size. Apoligies, I haven’t got round to reformatting it yet!

I don’t decorate my pages much but I have been using skinny washi in pink on my weekly pages to coordinate with the binder. And I love Deco Rush tape– it’s perfect for small planner pages. Thank you to Mits T for introducing me to this wonderful Japanese invention!

Pink skinny washi Deco Rush kawaiiFilofax

Sanrio Rikkauma Deco Rush tape kawaii Japan

As the gilt-edged Smythson notes pages are £10 each I decided to improvise with gold skinny washi tape around the edges of my pages. It’s not the same, but it does match the gold rings:

Smythson organiser planner pink

I customised the weekly pages with columns labelled Appointments, To Do Today, Cash Book, and To Do This Week. As this paper has a feint graph pattern, this is easy to do.

Week plus notes customised self-drawn hack Filofax

Also on my weekly view I have this daily checklist that I modified from the kikki.K Weekly Good Habits pad. As I use an erasable pen, I can reuse the same page each week. The top half is for daily routines and the bottom is for weekly chores.

How to keep track of daily routines

I have heard that some people use a ‘dollar per wear’ rule with clothes. Perhaps it’s the same with a planner. Even at one dollar per day, my Smythson will have paid for itself in less than a year!

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2 thoughts on “Some gratuitous photos of my pink Smythson personal planner

  1. Would love to use exactly what you use as I can see how it would work – too lazy to make my own so if you could produce one the same I’ll buy it!! Love reading your blog x

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