Project Life-inspired gift idea

Project Life photo gift idea make gifts from your weekly layouts

Recently I shared my alternative to Project Life scrapbooking. Here is a gift you can make for friends and relatives using your weekly photo collage.

Each week I make a collage of the pictures I’ve taken of my children and paste it into my one-sentence journal. I email the file of the collage to relatives who live far away. And for Christmas last year, I made this little gift for my parents in-law. This is the gift that keeps on giving, because every time I see my in-laws, I give them the latest layouts to add to their binder.

Project Life mini Christmas gift

I found this photo binder in a Korean stationery shop in my local Chinatown, but you can also buy a similar style binder on MochiThings. You can buy a pack of 20 refills for the binder too. It comes with 30 double-sided photo pockets, so a year’s worth of weekly layouts will fit in the one binder. The ring spacing is exactly the same as the two-hole punch that is standard in Australia (about 8 cms apart). So you can use a regular hole punch if you want to make your own dividers or special pages.

Project Life mini album binder

I used some scrapbooking paper and cut it down to 4×6 to make a title page.

Which got me thinking about making baby albums again. I really want to make baby albums for my children, but I’m still struggling to work out how to do it. I want an album that is small because I like to print my photos small, with rings so I can move pages around, and that I don’t need to buy lots of special (expensive) equipment for. And I want to do something handwritten, like a love letter I write to each child as I watch them grow up.

I really like Instagrammer Himebouzu’s baby album made from a simple spiral-bound memo book. I love the way you can carry this in one hand and baby in another as you jot down quick notes about what baby is doing. Perhaps with these ring binders I may have found a solution. I’ll update you when I have it all figured out.


9 thoughts on “Project Life-inspired gift idea

  1. I am so borrowing this idea too!!! What an easy way to keep up with the photos – I do digital scrapbooking & still trying to work through photos from early last year.

    What size is the folder? We’ll be heading to Chintown next week so will be looking out for something like this!


    • The folder is just a bit bigger than a 4×6 print. It cost me about $12, but if you buy the one from MochiThings it’s a bit more expensive. The brand is Korean, I think it’s called Moods & Views. There’s a bigger one too, that can fit two 4×6 prints per page.

    • It wasn’t Morning Glory, all the MG shops in my town seem to be closing. If you can’t find them, the ones on MochiThings are exactly the same dimensions, but with different covers- cuter, I think. I have ordered two of them so I’ll be able to show them on the blog.

      • Cool.

        There are 2 MG shops I know about in Sydney’s Chinatown – one in the main part, the other in the shopping centre above Paddy’s Markets. I think there are some smaller ones around, but not entirely sure where anymore (I don’t actually live in Sydney!).

        I’m not sure it’s a good idea showing me another online stationery store.. 🙂 Too many cool things I like!

  2. Hey Zoe – I’ve just got a 6 x 8 album from Simple Stories and it might be just the size you are looking for. It’s small and uses pockets like the Project Life ones, which means you can move things around as you like and takes A5 plastic pockets too. Love it!

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