I’m having technical issues!

My computer has run out of disk space, and I’m worried I might have a catastrophic crash. It’s several years old now, so I’ll need to upgrade it. Which means I’ll have to take another break from blogging. It’s very frustrating because I have lots of new content planned. It might take me a few weeks to get everything sorted out, but I’ll be back! In the meantime, please enjoy my latest article on CommBank’s Living Space blog:

Downsizing for families.

And my draft Bill Planner for personal size Filofax. I’m almost finished the final version, which will be up when I sort out my computer issues.

Zoe xx



8 thoughts on “I’m having technical issues!

    • Thank you! Happy New Year to you too 🙂
      I remember that conversation, only I never did anything about it. Now I have a hard drive coming in the mail, and I’m busy deleting things to avert the impeding disaster.

      • I use “Advanced system care pro” from Iobit to keep my computer healthy. It will clean up your computer fast and easy. And as a rule of thumb Never fill up your harddrive to more than 50 percent. That’s when your system gets slow and buggy.

  1. Zoe – my computer is nearly 10 years old, was getting slow and crashing. I was staggered how much old stuff I was storing on there – especially photos and memory sapping videos! I had to take a firm stand on some of the files and delete them. That helped. But a portable 1Tb hard drive was my best purchase. It has backed everything up, meant I can keep all the photos and videos I want and most importantly, freed up loads of space and given my computer a new lease of life! Good luck!

    • Hello Tim, I have one Tb coming in the mail and I have backed up onto my husband’s hard drive. I deleted lots of old stuff too, but only managed to free up a few gigabytes. I think it’s all the photos and videos of our kids. Plus editing and watermarking photos for the blog takes up space too.

    • Never trust cloud storage as your only backup though. Millions of people lost everything when Megaupload got seized. And they will probably never get it back.

  2. I have the same problem but it’s because when I got the computer I asked for my hard drive to be divided into 2 partitions one for Windows and one for Data (easier to back up then). Unfortunately I had no crystal ball so I had no idea that Windows Vista could become so HUGE that it would threaten to outgrow the partition it’s on.
    Unfortunately I also can’t resize the partitions for some stupid reason so it looks like a trip to the computer shop is in order for me 😦
    I hope your problem is sorted!

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