What’s in my handbag?

What's in my Kate Spade hadbag bag purse ZoeAtHome.com

Because I’m sure you’re all dying to know, right?! But there’s another reason I wanted to show you what I’m carrying around with me these days… IMG_6261 Pink handbag and matching Filofax planner ZoeAtHome.com

It seems that just about every time I take out my purse at the checkout, the sales assistant says, “oh what a pretty pink purse and handbag”. Just about everything in my bag is pink too, and people seem to notice that. Repetition of a single element is something the eye finds very pleasing. Nursery white decorating ideasZoeAtHome.com

Which is why when I decorate my home, I try to stick to just a few colours and finishes. I especially like white, which not only makes small rooms look more spacious but magnifies natural light too. The end result is cohesive and restful. When I begin our kitchen and bathroom renovations (soon I hope!), I’m going to use the same tiles in both areas. I think one reason this is such a powerful design motif is that it’s hard to confine yourself to one or two colours or patterns. A stylist on a photo shoot can do it, but in real life I think it’s hard to achieve. I don’t know much about design, but the most successful attempts I have made at decorating our home have been because of the elements I removed, not those I added. Taking away colours and patterns, and sticking to just one or two colours had more of an impact that anything I added to the scheme. I guess that’s what is meant by the phrase, Less is More.


2 thoughts on “What’s in my handbag?

  1. I love the pink Kate Spade bag! in fact I agree with you about the co-ordinated look and less is more. If you have a neutral background in your home, you can easily change the colour scheme to freshen things up, just by changing the cushions/vases etc.

    • Thank you! I love my bag too. Had to hunt it down on eBay. It’s amazing the difference you can make to a room just by changing the cushions and that sort of thing. And it’s lots of fun too.

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