In praise of B6

B6 notebook and journals cute

A while ago I wrote a post singing the praises of A5 paper and notebooks, but recently I’ve come to appreciate the B6 size as well. It’s a great hand-held size for journals and notebooks.

For six months now I’ve been keeping a one-sentence journal using a B6 week-plus-notes schedule book from Japan. The great thing about the B6 size is that a 4 by 6 photo collage fits perfectly on the facing page. With this book, I am publishing our family’s story, and I can see myself making books like this for many years to come. B6 is also a standard size for diaries, so they will look neat lined up on the shelf. I’ve found that this is a cheaper, easier alternative to Project Life. One thing I have noticed about Project Life is that the binders take up lots of space, especially after you have been doing it for a few years or you make an album for each of your children. This small book is much easier to store.

one-sentence journal with photos Project Life alternative

Each week I select the best photos of our children to make into a collage.

B6 notebooks and journals diaries planners

While B6 is a very portable size, the page is still generous for writing. It’s somewhere between A5 and A6. This is my B6 day-per-page diary that I use as a gratitude journal:

Using a day-per-page diary as a gratitude journal.

The page is just the right size for me to write five things for which I am grateful at the end of each day.

One other thing I’ve noticed is that B6 is almost the same size as the personal size Filofax and similar binders. My two books coordinate so well!

Mini Project Life style journal album

Also, a B6 diary will fit in all but the smallest handbag, so you can take it with you to keep up your journalling. A book this size is not nearly as heavy as an A5 book, and my book happens to have a plastic cover to keep it from getting dirty. However, my journal has become so precious to me I’m afraid I might lose it, so I tend to leave it at home. For this reason I’m considering photographing each journal page as a back-up. The photo collages are backed up on two hard drives.

But the thing I like most about the B6 size is its intimacy. You can hold it in your hand, hold it up to your heart, or secret it away (as I often do with my little journal!). So that makes it the perfect place to record your story.

Keeping a one-sentence journal and photo diary





2 thoughts on “In praise of B6

  1. Love this idea! I’m going to use the rest of my 365 from Kikki.k for one sentence & photo collages! Love the look of that creamy cakey thing in your last pic, BTW…

    • Thanks! I love my little book too. It’s so precious to me as it’s the record of all my days for the past six months. I did look at the 365 books at kikki.K too. I think they are a great idea. If you’d like some more inspiration, take a look at this guest post from Jo on my blog. You are welcome to participate too!

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