Planner update, June 2014

Witchery bag fits a Filofax planner

After switching to the personal size, I’d been looking for a handbag which would fit my new planner. I used to carry a very small purse with just enough room for my wallet, phone, and keys but unfortunately, no planner. So I’m so happy I found a bag with just enough room for these essentials and a planner. Because of the long strap my hands are free to push a pram. And crucially, there are pockets on the outside, so I can easily grab my phone or keys. My kids and I have been really sick for three weeks, and after nursing them all that time (including a visit to the hospital) I felt like treating myself.

Also, around the house I found this little drawstring bag which I’d received with a set of kids’ clothes. My Smythson fits perfectly, and the bag protects the leather from getting wet or scratched.

Protective bag for your Filofax Kate Spadeplanner

This is a good idea to protect your investment in your planner, and I totally think there is a market for this kind of thing for a crafty person who is good on the sewing machine.

Protective bag for your Filofax planner

I’m still using DIYfish Week on Two Pages inserts and I’m so pleased to see Fish has released some new designs. I write all my notes on graph paper too, and I’ve been thinking that I’d like to be able to index my notes just like I can with my DIYfish pages. That would make it easier to find things again later.

Recently I bought some lovely supplies from Japan to decorate my pages:

Planner Filofax Kate Spade supplies kawaii

The Mildliners came from the Hobonichi site, but I have also seen them on Jetpens. They are pale coloured so they don’t bleed through the paper. The Muji corner punch came from Ebay and the Rilakkuma flags and Deco Rush came from Rakuten.

I’ve been using my Smythson for almost a year now, it’s hard to believe I haven’t been tempted by any other planner. I’ve been very loyal! I think it’s because the leather is very good quality, and the colours are so pleasing. Planner peace!

Coffee and planner me-time

Taking a little time for myself.


10 thoughts on “Planner update, June 2014

  1. Oh wow has it been a year already? That went fast! I do love the pink Smythson, it is a gorgeous colour and style.
    I have seen a few drawstring planner bags on Etsy but my friend made me a lovely one with seahorses on it so I’ve been using that since Christmas. I have swapped between my Filofaxes with the seasons but I haven’t brought any new once since November so maybe seven is the magic number for me…. seven sounds like a lot doesn’t it!?
    I’m glad you are all feeling better now 🙂

  2. My perfect planner bag came from the Apple Store with something else in it! Recycling! I so like your Pink Smythson! Get well soon!

    • Thank you! We are all getting better, but little kids just seem to take so long to get over things. I like repurposing things too. I love to find a new use for something.

  3. Hi
    i wanted to buy today Domino filofax planner from amazon (my budget is low and i don’t live outside UK ) but then i crossed your blog asking if you’re satisfied more from the new planner?and the filofax quality not good? or you think it’s just different?..

    • Hi Jan, my Domino had a ring problem so I has to stop using it. I think that for how much they cost, the quality is low on Filofaxes. I have heard they will replace them, however. I’m using a Smythson planner now. It was expensive (even on sale) but I haven’t had a problem with it.

      • Hi Zoe. thank for the answer, maybe the Domino have a cheaper price because of his quality.but the smythoson seem to be very expensive for my budget
        ..i was also wandering where do you recommend to buy the inserts for the filofax like card crafts and sticker…i can’t buy in the UK or USA i am from asia…so all i know is the Ebay..i was wondering if you know some good shops online that’s are not expensive like ebay or shops inside ebay that you know’ thank you!!

      • If you are in Asia, maybe you can buy a non-Filofax ringed planner. I have seen some from Korea that are cute. It’s just the rings that make Filofax risky. Often, cheaper planners still have better rings than Filofax. Inspect them in the store to be sure. As for supplies, I like SweetSuppliesStore on Etsy for washi tape. I think she is cheaper than other sellers. And for stickers, KawaiiTokyo has schedule stickers. A little more expensive, but very cute.

      • And I forgot to mention we have a brand in Australia called kikki.K. They make ringed planners and inserts in 3 sizes that are cheaper than Filofax but still leather. They ship internationally.

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