My brilliant idea for decorating planner pages: DIY photo stickers!

make own DIY photo stickers to decorate your Filofax planner

Recently I bought a new printer, and I happily discovered that it can print these cute little stickers! And at 2.4 by 1.7 centimetres, they are the right size to fit in the cells of most month-on-two pages inserts. So you can use them to make your planner a visual record of your days:

DIY cute stickers for your planner Filofax

This is the day I bought my new handbag to fit my planner.

I’ve been using the stickers in my photo journal. They fit in both landscape and portrait orientation. These monthly pages are becoming an index of our life as a family:

Hobonichi stickers photo record

I think it’s popular for mothers in Japan to make a daily photo record of their babies’ development, which they put in a Hobonichi or similar diary. These stickers make that easy to do, and they don’t add too much bulk. To see an example, go to this page and then click on ‘Daily Baby Picture Album’ at the bottom. The stickers fit exactly in the cells on the monthly pages of the Hobonichi Planner:

Hagaki stickers in Hobonichi

How much does it cost?

One packet of Hagaki Photo Stickers costs about ten dollars, which will make 80 stickers. So I think the cost is comparable with some of the stickers I have bought for my planner. These stickers will work on any Canon iP series printer, plus some others. Canon gives free shipping, and a bundling discount if you order multiple products. (This is not a sponsored post, and I did not receive any free product.)

A word of warning: the frames of the stickers cut off the edges of your photos, so you have to make sure your subject is in the middle of the photo. Also, you have to get the alignment right, and I did waste a few sheets trying to get them centred. But once I got that sorted, I was very happy with the results.

Make your own DIY Photo stickers for your Hobonichi planner


8 thoughts on “My brilliant idea for decorating planner pages: DIY photo stickers!

  1. What a great idea!! What printer did you buy? We need to get a new one – I’ve never been that happy with it’s photo printing anyway.

    • Hi Jo! I have the Canon Pixma iP100. Their website has been down the past few days so I couldn’t give any links, but it’s a portable printer that can work off a battery. I chose it because it’s small enough to fit into a drawer. I think the photo printing on it is really good. Not as good as going to a photo kiosk but good enough to go into my diary. Now I can print from home!

  2. Love the photo sticker idea. I’ve not been able to find much more info on this besides your post. I would love to do stickers in my planner but need to decide if I’m ready to invest in another printer! I have an HP laser right now and have been happy with it, but I do all of my photo printing online or at Costco. The stickers are definitely tempting me!

    • The Canon Selphy also prints stickers/labels, and it’s much cheaper than the Pixma range. The labels are expensive though. Also, the Polaroid Pogo makes photos with an adhesive back, but it doesn’t work with iPhones. I have also bought adhesive paper sheets in A4 size and put them in my computer printer. That was the cheapest way to make photo-stickers, as I can buy 20 A4 sheets for 10 dollars from the office supplies store.

      • Thanks Zoe- one more question: why you use the A4 sticker paper, what program do you use to format them? I’m unsure of what program to use to print a variety on one sheet…

      • I use the A4 adhesive paper to print photo-stickers because that’s the cheapest way to do it, much cheaper than Selphy labels. To format them, I go into iPhoto and highlight all the photos I want to print on a sheet, then go to File, select Print and print a Contact Page. That lets me print twelve smaller prints on a page. You can customise the Contact Sheet to print more smaller pictures too. I have an old version of iPhoto, but I’m sure that will still work. Or your printer driver should allow you to print a contact sheet as well. Then I cut all the little pictures out and peel off the backing paper and then I can stick them in a notebook. I must make a post on this. Unfortunately I’m finding it very hard to update my blog at the moment. So many things going on in my personal life.

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