Our renovations have begun!


Kitchen laundry bathroom makeover renovations remodel

We want to remove this bulkhead.

We are about to remove a wall, rip up all our flooring, and install a shiny new kitchen, laundry and bathroom. We’ve spent the last fortnight getting building quotes, visiting suppliers and talking to tradespeople. It’s been exhausting, but the hard work has only just begun as we’ll be without a kitchen for several weeks.

I wanted to let everyone know that I don’t think I’ll be able to post consistently in the coming months. And it may take me a while to respond to comments. But I’ll have lots to share with you all when our project is completed.

White scandinavian look kitchen renovations

Finally, I will have the white kitchen of my dreams!


2 thoughts on “Our renovations have begun!

  1. Uhh! Renovation! So are you getting an open kitchen? or semi open? or regular kitchen?

    Didn’t you get a new floor a few years back? But congrats on the, soon to be new kitchen

    • We will put a peninsula bench where the wall is now, but it’s a structural wall so it will be complicated. We will also put new tiles in, but we haven’t decided if we will keep the floating floor or replace with something else. Hopefully it will be finished before Christmas.

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