Breaking news: I’m no longer using a ringed planner

Why I don't use a Filofax

Ok, so THIS happened. My favourite handbag broke! I had been keeping all my notes from our renovations in my planner, and while it served me faithfully, and it had become really heavy. And also, I started to develop a sore neck and shoulders from carrying it around with me. Perhaps some of the soreness may have been brought on by the stress of the renovation, but when I weighed my planner, and found out I was carrying over half a kilo of leather, metal and paper around with me!

I must say that I made this move with much reluctance. I love my Smythson and its beautiful gold rings. And my system was working perfectly. But every time I looked at it, my shoulders started to tense up. I tried leaving it at home, but tradespeople would call me, and I ended up double-booking myself. I knew I had to come up with something different.

I had this Molang Diary at home, which weighs just under 300 grams:My new Molang diary no more Filofax!

I also had some of these kikki.K book belts to keep the book closed and hold a pen. And then I found out that my Brain Dump book (watch this video by Rhomany’s Realm for an explanation) would fit in there too:

My brain dump book and planner combination

But I still needed a place to keep notes and somewhere to put reference information. So I found these mini notebooks at kikki.K which fit nicely:

My lighter cheaper alternative to Filofax

I’m calling this my Book Bundle. It has all the information that my Smythson used to have, but can be unbundled if I want to lighten my load. I don’t mind that the notebooks aren’t the same size: I think that adds to the bundled effect.

I’m actually looking forward to having all of 2015 in one bound book. Now there’s no risk of pages going missing, and no precious rings to worry about. I’m looking for a 2015 planner at the moment, so watch this space for updates on how my new system develops.

PS: I want to share our renovation story in a series of posts. But at the moment I’m feeling a little shellshocked that they are actually over. So here’s a sneak peak:

 Kitchen renovation scandinavian white minimalist


5 thoughts on “Breaking news: I’m no longer using a ringed planner

  1. Great to hear from you again Zoe. I’m interested in your thoughts for 2015 planners. I’m heading back to work so definitely need something to help me be more organised.
    Also I can’t wait to see more of your renos.

  2. Welcome back and a Merry Christmas to you and yours. I actually thought that you were kidding when you said that the kitchen renovations would take this long. I guess I shouldn’t have doubted the Queen of planning. The end result looks great though. 🙂

  3. I am in the process of switching from A5 to A4 disc bound & am planning to keep a separate bound diary in a sleeve inside – now you’ve inspired me to put my brain dump book in a bundle with it too. However those Kikki.k 3 notebook sets are intriguing… I have a large fat Smiggle bookband which fits 3 pens by the way!

  4. Have you thought about a Hobonichi Techo? The larger A5 size is only available in Japanese, but I’m using it anyway because I need the space. The pages are designed so beautifully I can’t get enough of it.

    If you need something in English, they have an A6 you could buy. It’s a bit smaller, but it would still get the job done and the A6 is more portable. Either way, you get a full year in a compact, easy to carry book!

    • I used the Hobonichi last year as my gratitude journal (see my review here). I’m thinking about ordering the weekly booklet to use as a planner because I really need a weekly view for planning. I love all the covers and the whole concept too.

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