Frixion favourites

Frixion stamps Pilot

I only ever use Frixion pens in my planner. I love being able to erase my messy writing–perhaps I have a commitment problem! Here are some of my current favourites…

Frixion stamps test

These cute little stamps are great for using in your planner or Fauxbonichi. They are self-inking, so there’s no blocks or stamp pads to worry about. I found these on Instagram, but you can also buy them on Etsy.

Frixion 24 colour pen set

I also love this colour pen set. So many lovely colours! I use these every day in my Fauxbonichi, and it makes my book look so bright and cheerful. I found them on eBay, but I have seen them on Etsy too.

And my go-to pen is this three-barrel Frixion multi-pen set (see the picture below). It came with red, black and blue ink, but I replaced the red with a pink cartridge as that’s my favourite colour. I buy the refills on Jetpens. Did I mention that this pen is Little Twin Stars themed?!


If you love Japanese stationery as much as I do, I can recommend watching the Begin Japanology stationery episode on YouTube. It explains the history of Frixion, Deco Rush, washi tape and many other wonderful things.

I’ve changed my planning system quite a bit this year (no more ringed planner!), so watch this space as I share my new system and my Fauxbonichi in the next few weeks.


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