Free PDFs

Bill Planner for Personal Filofax

Bill planner budgeting tool for personal sized Filofax

The Bill Planner is now available in Personal size. Thank you everyone for waiting!


The file is for Personal size paper. You will need to change your page margins to become 17.1 cms by 9.5 cms. Please read this Philofaxy post for detailed printing instructions.

Here is the original post in which this version of the Bill Planner first appeared:

Free Editable Bill Planner for Personal size Filofax

Bill Planner for A5 Filofax

Free printable PDF bill budget planner for A5 Filofax

You can use this page to keep a record of the bills you pay throughout the year. It will help you avoid ‘bill shock’ when a quarterly or annual bill arrives in the mail. If you keep a few years worth of records, you can see how your cost of living has increased over time. If you set your printer to print at A5 size it will fit in an A5 Filofax.


It’s free for you to download and use, but if you want to share it with others, please give them a link to

If you have any feedback about the Bill Planner, you can tweet me: @sakuragirlzoe

Here is the original post in which the Bill Planner first appeared:

A free printable PDF home budgeting bill planner


8 thoughts on “Free PDFs

  1. Zoe,

    THIS is great!! I have been struggling with a simple template that I can use each month to make sure that alllll my bills are paid and on time as well……I would like to change it slightly (only the size…) by putting only one month on each page. I write large and I think this template will be so useful! Now to figure out the “how!” “How” to take the other 3 months off the page and make the one month that remains fill the entire page- I use an A5 for paying my bills. I really appreciate all your hard work!

    This is so simple yet so A M A Z I N G ! ! ! Thanks so very much & take care.


    • Hello, and welcome to my blog! I started using a Filofax two years ago after using a simple bound diary all my life. I love feeling organised! And always having somewhere to write things down. What Filofax are you using?

    • Hello phibe, for Personal size, you have to print it on Personal size paper. You can buy blank Personal size paper from Filofax in packs of 100. I got mine from Rakuten. For A5, I buy A5 size paper in pastel colours from Officeworks. You can make your own paper buy cutting down a larger sheet, but then you need a hole punch too.

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