• How I made more time in my life for reading

    How I made more time in my life for reading ZoeAtHome.com

    My current reading list

    Being at home with children, while the days sometimes feel long and repetitive, I actually have less time than ever because my time is not my own. Recently I have been yearning for more time to read, and these are the things that helped me find it:

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  • How to succeed at university… and an announcement

    How to succeed at university ZoeAtHome.com

    I have mentioned before that I will be studying French this year, and this week I was invited to an orientation evening. The university staff were keen to explain how much universities had changed in the past few years, and how modern the learning experience would be. But, if I can indulge in a little high school French, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

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