• Kids can use real tableware

    Kids can use real tableware Bunnykins antique bowl ZoeAtHome.com

    The bowl is Bunnykins, but the cup is from Japan

    As soon as my children outgrew the food-throwing stage, I got them some cute tableware. I want them to appreciate real ceramics in a world full of plastic. These two bunny-themed items I bought second-hand.

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  • How I save money on grocery shopping…without buying in bulk

    Save money on grocery shopping without buying in bulk ZoeAtHome.com

    We spent a year living off an extremely limited income. It was tough: we had to trim our grocery budget in order to pay our rent and bills. That year I learned a valuable skill. I learned how to feed our family good food for much less than what I’d been accustomed to: I was saving $50-$100 per week.

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