• Inner-city small-space living: is it right for your family?

    Small-space inner-city living: is it right for your family? ZoeAtHome.com

    Walking everywhere keeps us all fit.

    Living in a small space in the city seems cool, but does it work for families? Here are some of the issues we came to terms with as we made our move.

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  • Inner-city small-space living: our environmental footprint

    Mid-century modern teak dining table and chairs. Inner city small space living ZoeAtHome.com

    In his recent documentary Ten Bucks a Litre, entrepreneur Dick Smith asks the question of how Australians will cope when the price of petrol reaches ten dollars a litre and our electricity costs double or triple (click here to watch it on YouTube). It was sobering to watch, but it made our decision to buy a small home in the inner city seem like the right one for these times. Continue reading