• Breaking news: I’m no longer using a ringed planner

    Why I don't use a Filofax

    Ok, so THIS happened. My favourite handbag broke! I had been keeping all my notes from our renovations in my planner, and while it served me faithfully, and it had become really heavy. And also, I started to develop a sore neck and shoulders from carrying it around with me. Perhaps some of the soreness may have been brought on by the stress of the renovation, but when I weighed my planner, and found out I was carrying over half a kilo of leather, metal and paper around with me! Continue reading

  • Organised habit #4: leave yourself a starting point

    Sort out paperwork with a Next Action GTD ZoeAtHome.com

    I never seem to get a few uninterrupted hours to tackle any project. At most, I can work for maybe 20 minutes before I have to stop and attend to my children, get dinner ready or fold another load of laundry. Continue reading