• Breaking news: I’m no longer using a ringed planner

    Why I don't use a Filofax

    Ok, so THIS happened. My favourite handbag broke! I had been keeping all my notes from our renovations in my planner, and while it served me faithfully, and it had become really heavy. And also, I started to develop a sore neck and shoulders from carrying it around with me. Perhaps some of the soreness may have been brought on by the stress of the renovation, but when I weighed my planner, and found out I was carrying over half a kilo of leather, metal and paper around with me! Continue reading

  • Our renovations have begun!


    Kitchen laundry bathroom makeover renovations remodel

    We want to remove this bulkhead.

    We are about to remove a wall, rip up all our flooring, and install a shiny new kitchen, laundry and bathroom. We’ve spent the last fortnight getting building quotes, visiting suppliers and talking to tradespeople. It’s been exhausting, but the hard work has only just begun as we’ll be without a kitchen for several weeks. Continue reading